Presidents as Officers in the Military

To study the presidents is to learn more of American history. The book, “Presidents as Military Officers” will describe military activity for each president during major United States wars.

Prior to the presidency, the majority of chief executives served in the military as officers. The story is about typical men who wanted to defend their country. Due to their love of country, courage and personal drive they rose in the ranks and became officers in the military. Of the 45 men who became presidents 31 had served in the military. There were 12 generals reaching the presidency, with 14 of the officers classified as war heroes. All presidents are the Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces. For each president a brief background is given as well as military decisions and actions taken during their administrations.

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A great deal of history can be learned by reading the policies of our 44 presidents. This publication (45 chapters) describes the military activity prior to the presidency as well as the Commander-in Chief decisions of each president.

About the author

Dr. Lee R. McDowell

Lee has a love for American history. He is the 12th direct descendant from three Mayflower Passengers in 1620. His 4th great grandfather fought important battles in the American Revolution and his great grandfather was very active in the Civil War.

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