About Dr. Lee R. McDowell

Lee has a love for American history. He is the 12th direct descendant from three Mayflower Passengers in 1620. His 4th great grandfather fought important battles in the American Revolution and his great grandfather was very active in the Civil War.

Dr. Lee McDowell was born on a livestock farm in upstate New York. Shortly after receiving an M.S. degree in Nutrition at the University of Georgia he married his wife, Lorraine. Two weeks later he and Lorraine joined the Peace Corps for two years in the tropics of Bolivia. Bolivia might be considered their honeymoon.

The goal of the McDowells was to internationally help others. Lee worked to improve agriculture and Lorraine worked to improve peoples’ nutrition and health. After Bolivia the McDowells received advanced degrees in Nutrition at Washington State University.  With a PhD Lee was hired at the University of Florida for teaching nutrition courses and doing international research in Latin America, Asia and Africa. Following through with the Peace Corps goal of helping others he has made over 280 International trips since 1991 to set up experiments and promote the need for improved neutron for livestock. From his research he has published over 1500 scientific articles and had won international awards from two different societies. From one society he won the highest award given for research.

Ever since high school he has been fascinated by presidential history. Lee can name all the presidents and their wives in 23 seconds. He has written 13 books dealing with nutrition, more recently he has now written three books on presidential history. Lee has given many talks on presidential lives and humor at many locations.